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Aye! Here’s a cleaner version!! :D

Jordan “OMG he’s shirtless” Parrish

Jordan “OMG he’s shirtless” Parrish

Where’s Danny?

Since the start  season 4 of teen Wolf started I’m being asking: Where the hell is Danny? So I was think that since the last we know about him what that he knows about werewolves on Beacon Hills, Can he be the Benefactor? I’m not saying he is, but he can be. No? Anyway, I want to know where he is and why we didn’t saw him in the lacrosse game last episode? 

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Reward: Jacksons’ Porsche


Reward: Jacksons’ Porsche

— The entire Teen Wolf fandom (via thesebig-ass-trees)

peter in season three (◕‿◕✿)

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"Dear diary, I should have taken that ride with deputy pretty eyes god damn"
— Lydia Martin probably (via thefoxandthecoyote)

stiles stilinski • TEEN WOLF
↳ 4.04 “the benefactor”


Klaroweek Day 2:

Favorite season three moments